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Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ramps

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M-1500A Arched Design

M-1500S Straight Design



The Handi-Ramp® M-1500A, Arched Design and M-1500S Portable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ramps, give you everything you need to take care of those personal chores, whether it be 4-wheeler, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower or Snow Blower.  These Pick-Up Truck Ramps are High Quality, Affordable and built with your safety in mind.

pickup truckr amp for mowers (15469 bytes)

Walk up ramps for pickup trucks

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The M-1500A Portable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ramp Arched Design Allows for Higher Clearance. The M-1500S Portable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ramps are the Only Flat Surface Ramps Available.

pickup ramp serrated edge

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The unique patented Serrated Bottom Edge holds ramp in place and will dig into even concrete and hold the ramp securely. Portable ramps are secured to the pick-up truck with unique Tailgate Grip/Safety Cable, a safety tether to make sure they won't slip.

pickup Easy Storage

pickup truck easy store

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M-1500S Side Rack for easy storage is one of the favorite Truck Ramp Accessories. Portable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ramps feature built-In carry handles for easy handling.

Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ramp Features




Heavy Duty Gauge Aluminum



Staggered Perforation Anti-Skid Surface



Serrated Bottom Edge



Full Width Tailgate Grips



Adjustable Safety Cables with S Hooks



Carry Handles Built-In for Easy Handling



2 Ramps Per Set



Loading Length



Overall Length



Loading Width Each Ramp



Weight Per Set

35 lbs.

38 lbs.

Storage Dimensions



Loading Capacity Per Set

1500 lbs.

1500 lbs.


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Handi-Ramp® products are available across North and Central America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.

You can call us toll free, at (800) 876-RAMP to discuss your specific needs.

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